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What is Travellers?

My Traveller (also called Travellers) is a series of games that share a connected Avatar system for players to customise.
Where each title offers its own challenge, Players can take their current Avatar from a mobile device and link it to the new title and continue their adventures with friends.
Kingdoms brought Players together to engage in a light social-focused Turn Based battle system, and Dungeons challenges groups to take on a more-action style gauntlet for rewards.
Find out more in the Blog!
Key Timeline​
Project Tasks
1) Combat Game Feel
  • Player Movement flow
    • Movement smoothness and camera Ease
  • Player Combat Combo chains
    • Attack clarity and effectiveness via feedback
    • Passive Skill combinations and cooldowns
  • Enemy Hit stun/lock combos
    • Anim Lock
  • Enemy attack clarity feedback and response
    • Time Dilation and lighting
    • Hostile Area-of-Effect depiction
    • Different Enemy attack types and ranges
  • Rewarding Combat
    • Item Drop (Score)
  • Multiplayer Adapted Systems
    • Share-Cam
  • HUD Redesign
    • Mockup and Implementation
    • Multiplayer use
    • Dungeon Crawl Map​
2) Replay Value Progression
  • Win/Lose
    • End Goal Room for Winning
    • Score and Level-reached recording
    • Highscore display
  • Main Menu clarity
    • Pre-game information (Dungeon Selection - Expo or Bonus)
    • Game Progress
  • Alteration in gameplay
    • Skill Purchase from Score (adjust movement/combo numbers)
      • Passive: Basic Parameter Tests
      • Passive: Combo End - Split
      • Passive: Combo End - Large
      • Passive: Combo End - Piercing (x3 Shot)
      • Active: Fireball (Single Knockdown)
      • Active: Bomb (Radial AOE Knockdown)
      • Active: Wall (Projectile Blocker)
    • Room selection (Foe combination Difficulty)
  • Clear Boss Challenge (Bonus)
    • Special Enemy Patterns
    • Weak points for attack Countering
3) Mobile Companion-link (Adjusted requirements)
  • Mobile Controller
    • Variable sending via network (runs as an additional Controller)
Future Dev
  • Avatar Mobile Remake
    • Rebuilt System for Mobile users and Avatars edits
  • Boss Threat
    • Grand Boss design to further test Player skills
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